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Software Testing

Liya Technology software testing services are well-known the world over with our experts providing quality software through critical testing processes. We work on a responsive and a receptive mindset that gives focused and success oriented approach to all our customers in order to ensure customer satisfaction and on-time delivery of every project.

Leading businesses all over the world have tried Liya Technology forceful testing processes, testing performance, precision, specialized tools and consulting proficiency we have additionally been known for reduced costs and much lesser cycle times. Our testing practice offers all-inclusive testing services that include enterprise services, consulting services and functionality testing, Black box software testing and white box software testing. Service delivery at Liya Technology is mapped to the evolving needs of our clients. Whatever resources we get, our team of committed expert testers deliver only what suits our clients.

Liya Technology Private Limited have immense knowledge on technical as well as business testing where innovative techniques are used for deriving quality results. Our testing strategies are established and we put to use testing tools that are industry-standard ensuring better software quality and enhanced business. We work on a spirit of innovation this is visible amongst all our testing out expert. This is the reason why businesses across the world consider LiyaTechnology as an upbeat software testing firm.

We focus towards setting up stop-to-stop software test approach and process so that our clients can achieve what they expect. This is because we at Liya Technology Private Limited are aware of your desire to bring a successful combination of technology and process together that can ensure meeting business requirements in a proper way.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing is a technique accomplished to find the defects. In this technique the tester performs an important role as stop user and verify all functions of the application to ensure that the behavior of the application. The Manual Testing is very basic type of testing which helps to find the bugs in the application under test.

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Security Testing

Security Testing is the procedure to determine that an IS (Information System) protects data and maintains functionality as intended. The six basic security conviction that need to be covered by security testing are: confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, availability and non-repudiation.

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Performance Testing

Performance testing covers a broad range of engineering or functional evaluations wherein a material, product, system, or individual is not always particular by detailed material or component specifications: rather, emphasis is on the final measurable performance characteristics.

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Bug Bash

As Liya Technology places it: A Bug Bash is a process in which all of the developers, testers, program managers, usability researchers, designers, documentation folks put aside their everyday day-to-day obligations and “pound at the product”—this is, every sporting events the product in each way they could think of.

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