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Linux Shared Hosting

It is important for each company have its own website so that it can act as a convenient environment where customers and clients will get to understand everything that company. Also, an website will be used for multiple selling ways on the internet. There are various types of domain hosting services that offered by several companies and one of them is on the Linux operating system. We make it possible for you to avail the best Linux hosting so that your website can be built and used with maximum ease. Linux hosting is understood for its security measures and higher speed compared with different types of hosting. Our team of developers brings back you the foremost appropriate Linux hosting as per the need of your company and also the nature of your business.

Liya Technology allows you:

- Full access of FTP

- Unlimited distribution list

- Sharing of Ip

- Support for front page extension

- customer support

- Full access to the control panel

- Unlimited forwarding of e-mail

- Protection from spam and virus

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