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E-Commerce Portals

Ecommerce portals development services are rapidly evolving. They are also emerging as a convenient alternative to conventional shopping.

Liya Technology offers several services that enhance the features of your e-commerce portals.

Integration of the desired payment gateway.

Shopping cart solutions

Flexible web transactions

Secure maintenance of encrypted data

Inventory control system

Multiple shipping system

Ready to use store front

Complete software management

Liya Technology offers the best e-commerce services. According to the necessity and preference of the clients, we are able to create, modify as well as publish the required website content for the e-commerce portals. We ensure that our services are ready to receive to the differing wants of product, services and different types of companies. It is also important to stay in mind the sort of market that is targeted by a specific e-commerce portal in order that we will manage the services accordingly.

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