Domain Transfer

Liya Technology is part of getting your brand new website ready and live. We will supply you with your huge own dedicated technical team member who will work with you for as long as it takes to bring your existing www. Address over to toolkit websites. In the past our technical team has had to contact call centers, email transfer requests to old providers, speak to 'Live Chat' robots and even chase up old Web designers over the phone to get hold of our customer’s domain(s). We do this because we understand the value and importance of retaining your businesses domain when building a new website.

Our Domain Privacy Service remove the hassle out of the transfer development for you, saving you time and agonize around moving and linking your domain to the new website being built with us. If you would like to transfer your domain name away from another company to our company you can do so at any time. Please be sure about that you must read the Important Information as well as following the instructions to transfer the domain and hosting details. For more detail please contact with us.

Liya Technology is providing the Domain Privacy for the designs your domain name unique and goods and services. We know how important domains are to our customers which are why we are happy to go the extra mile to ensure you keep it linked to the new website you have built with us.

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