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Domain & Hosting Services

A web hosting service is a type of hosting service via the internet that allows individuals and companies to advertise their business. It can be accessible from any place around the world. Liya Technology is one of the reliable, affordable web hosting service provider in India. We provide you powerful web hosting services such as cloud hosting, wordpress hosting, VPS hosting, domain name registration and dedicated hosting for small business to enterprise business with high storage capacity and bandwidth. We offer you the best plan as per your requirements.

Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. Each domain name typically has a single IP address. An IP address is an identifier for a computer or device on a TCP/IP network and it’s unique for each device. When you type domain address, e.g.,, your ISP provider views the IP associated with the domain name, translates it into a machine readable IP address and directs your correct website. Every domain name has a suffix which is called top level domain (TLD). There are different varieties of domain extensions you can choose for your domain name.

A good domain name is something that's eye catching, easy to remember, Target your area and appropriate domain name extension. Some domain extensions are dedicated to specific purposes, like .food for restaurant websites, .Fly for the airline travel industry or .Travel for the travel industry and some extensions are like .IN and .JP, are restricted only to those who live or work within their associated countries. Many people think it is important to have keywords in a domain. Stay away from buying lengthy and complex domain names. May people use lengthy words in their domain names using dashes or hyphen. While keeping the domain name it should be simple and short, easy memorable, and free of hyphens. Some of the most popular sites are doing great job by creating their own brands such as eBay, Yahoo!, Fark, Wikipedia, Google,etc,.Domain name with keyword gives you a strong competitive power over your competitors and it will increase your search engine rankings. At Liya Technology we supply thousands of domain names where you can register your domain – including .IN, .COM, .ORG, .CO, .NET, .NZ, .IN, .UK and much more. Register your domain name today and create your own brand.

Domain Transfer

Liya Technology is providing the domain transfer for the designs your domain name unique and goods and services. We know how important domains are to our customers which are why we are happy to go the extra mile to ensure you keep it linked to the new website you have built with us.

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Domain Privacy

With domain privacy protection, all the personal information is hidden from strangers. This is one of the most common reasons for site owners to go for domain privacy protection. It is always better to be aware of certain scams you may be prone to.

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Web Hosting

Liya Technology web hosting and different types of hosting. As we store knowledge, files, audio, and video on our computer hard disk, in the same way, to store information on our blog internet site, we need web hosting. When we make a new website, we create it online.

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