Bug Bash

As Liya Technology places it: A Bug Bash is a process in which all of the developers, testers, program managers, usability researchers, designers, documentation folks, or even from time to time advertising humans, put aside their everyday day-to-day obligations and “pound at the product”—this is, every sporting events the product in each way they could think of. idea is to get as many bugs into the bug database as possible.

It helps in bringing in a sparkling attitude to the testing. It is able to be beneficial in uncovering defects that are unconventional as system gets exposed to variety of users.

Below are some benefits of organizing Bug Bash in your project. Many usability feedback can be found after this activity, defect which are never encountered during test cycles can be uncovered It can be helpful to build company morale &inspirehuman beings about quality.

All the above points aside, Bug Bash also has some limitations. These includes It would not cover all aspects that you might want to test in your application, Huge documentation(E.g. bug reports) may be produced which makes managing these reports cumbersome, Bug reports may be duplicate and incomprehensible as non-testers may not delve deeper into writing good bug reports.

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